Marima and Aubrey

What can I say about these guys! They are super fun and ready for any adventure that comes their way! Mirima and Aubrey decided at the absolute last min to come to New York and tie the knot. They didn’t know how or where but they knew it was going to happen! After a few failed attempts at finding the right people to make their dreams come true, they lucky found New York Dream Weddings! They contacted us Monday night, Tuesday they were married! Take a look at their review to see how it all went down! 

Firstly we would like to thank you soooooo very much for arranging all those things on number 99.9!!!Talking about cutting it fine, I think we did it really fine, from not haven’t had nothing arranged the night before @ 6pmwhen we’ve met you @ Starbucks, Pennstation, to be married the next day in Central Park @ 15h00 with a Reverend, Limo, Flowers and champagne and the coolest of all photographer!, WOW !!! You Rock, Respect my man!!!Thank you so very very much for having made “Our Day” so Special!!!, Merima has always said from the day we’ve decided to do it on the last minute run away theme, that all will be alright, man then the night before we’ve GooGleD YoU!!! And All Was Perfect!!!I am looking forward going home tomorrow and to go and select our favourites and make an album from them!!!

Mr. Hall, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything, you’re a star!!!


Aubrey & Merima

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