Dominique and John’s Wedding in Central Park!

When two people are truly in love it’s like fireworks going off every second. To me it’s the reason why we’re here, why we breath, why we wake up in the morning! Dominique and John, I’m so happy to say, have that love for each other and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. We had a great time shooting all over the city, finishing up at the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Here is their lovely review of New York Dream Weddings.

“From the moment we stepped out of our limousine, Harley´s professionalism really shone through in his relaxed, yet personally sensitive style which transformed our own little ceremony in the park into memories for a lifetime.
He was non intrusive during the ceremony, though we later saw that his shots were up close and personal, capturing the moment perfectly.
We then went to Times Square for our bouquet hurling shots which went quite well, a friendly traffic cop even stopped traffic for some of our photos!
Then, we visited Grand Central Station for a few shots kissing on the main floor.
Also, these shots came out better and more intimate than the moment itself seemed to be, the shots are like magic.
Finally we visited the Brooklyn bridge for some classic photos with both the Brooklyn and the Manhattan bridges in the background. Thank you New York Dream Weddings for a wonderful day, and a set of photos any bride would die for!”
— Dominique & John

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