Wedding Ceremony Locations


Central Park

Central Park has a number of beautiful locations to choose from. Here are the main ceremony locations: Ladies Pavilion, Wagner Cove, Cop Cot, Bow Bridge, Shakespeare Garden, Summit Rock, Bethesda Fountain, Angel Tunnel, Gapstow Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the world’s oldest and most striking suspension bridges, it connects Manhattan with its styling little sister, Brooklyn. Designed by German immigrant John Augustus Roebling and opened in 1883, it’s both an American Historic Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The main ceremony locations are Pebble Beach, The Main Pier, and Jane's Carousel.

Flatiron Building 

The Flatiron building, built by a Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, was built in 1902 It’s located at the intersection of Broadway and 5th av.  It’s distinctive triangular shape fit the wedge shape property perfectly. At 307 feet and 22 stories, the Flatiron was never the city’s tallest building, but was certainly one of the most dramatic looking.  The Flatiron building has continued to be one of New York City’s most iconic locations for over a century. 

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock is the catchy nickname for the rooftop observation deck of the 70-story GE Building in Rockefeller Center. The deck resembles the deck of an ocean liner, with a barrier-free view of the world’s most exciting city. Bar none, it’s the best view of the New York skyline, with the Empire State Building in clear sight (even the Empire State Building’s observation deck can’t offer that!).

Times Square

Times Square is nicknamed “The Crossroads of the World” and deservedly so. It’s the world’s most visited tourist attraction, with more than 39 million visitors annually and a third of a million people daily. It got its name in 1904, when The New York Times moved its offices there. It’s also where New Year’s Eve is officially rung in, with the annual dropping of the Times Square Ball.  Over a million luminous lights light up the night 365 days a year!


  Grand Central Terminal 

Serving over 21 million commuters a year, Grand Central Terminal is the world’s largest railroad yard. Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis led the opposition to tear down the spectacular site. Now it’s safely registered as an American landmark and is considered one of the top tourist attractions in the world.

Fort Tyron Park

Fort Tyron Park is located in the upper west side of Manhattan. During the Revolutionary War, the park was one of the battle sites along the Hudson River and home to the battle of Fort Washington.  Today, it’s a beautiful park, with extensive waking paths, meadows, and views of the Hudson and Harlem Rivers.